These Romantic Movies Will Make You Believe in Love Again

If you are planning to have a chill weekend in your couch, consider watching these romantic movies. They will make you believe in love again. And if you are single, these movies will be your company while you are still on the lookout for true love.

The Notebookmovie

This movie is unapologetic if it made you cry. The Notebook is a certified tear-jerker movie. It’s about an old man reading from a battered diary to a lady in a nursing home. That lady turned out to be his wife. He was telling his wife the same story every day in the hopes that she might remember him. This movie sometimes appears in the local cinema in cheap night Amsterdam. If you haven’t watched this movie, it is highly recommended. Aside from the good storyline, Ryan Gosling is so hot in this movie.

The Theory In Everything

When you fall in love, it becomes a commitment to love the person in sickness and in health. The Theory in Everything says it all beyond words. It’s a life story of Stephen Hawking and his wife. Stephen was a perfect guy. He got a brilliant mind that you can’t just find anywhere in Amsterdam canal tour. Everything seemed falling in the right direction between Stephen and Jane until Stephen got a neurodegenerative disease that wears away at nerve and muscle function over time called ALS. Their love was put to the test. Prepare tissues as it is certain that you will cry watching this movie.

The Atonement

You can guess it from the title that someone is atoning for something. It’s a story of a woman who misinterpreted the incidents happened when she was a girl. Her poor judgement resulted in the demise of two lovers. All she wished was to come back in time to undo the things she has done in Amsterdam city pass.


Love, Rosie

Is it possible for male and female to be genuine friends? Love, Rosie tells us a story about two childhood friends who hid their romantic love for each other for such a long time. They went on separate ways in Amsterdam hotels cheap. Rosie’s speech will make you cry.