Plan C Movie Trivia

This movie is special from the storyline to the making of the movie. Here are the fun facts and trivia about Plan C movie and its casts.

plan c

Max and Casts Funded the Movie

Plan C is an independent film. It’s quite difficult to find producers and investor to capitalize on the movie because the ROI is not assured. But Max and the casts love working together, so they funded the movie using their life-savings. There was a story that one of the cast didn’t go out on Amsterdam holiday just to have enough money to contribute to the film.


They Didn’t Earn Back The Investment, But They Don’t Regret Anything

Plan C movie didn’t get the expected earnings though they gave everything they got to make this movie great. Ruben admitted that playing the role of Ronald was his dream. So, he gave everything from boat rental Amsterdam, his dedication, and time for the movie. They are disappointed that the movie didn’t get the credit it deserves, but they are okay with it. Ruben was nominated as best actor in Dutch Film Festival.

The Movie Shows Some Funny Truths About Dutch Street Life

streetMax was a street boy. He showed us some funny truths about street life. He did some changes on the script just to show a little side of him growing up. Ronald’s addiction to gambling is quite common in Dutchmen he knew while growing up. The movie is a mini Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam in its own right. The movie is so entertaining but did not fail in showing us something more about Dutch culture.

It Should Have Been a Depressing Movie

Well, the storyline is quite depressing already. But the Max and Ruben managed to make it lighter and turned it into a comedy-drama. Ruben is a comedian and one of the best in Amsterdam Heineken experience. If you’ll read the original script, it supposed to be a dark, depressing film. We’re happy with the outcome of the movie. Needless to say, the changes they did created a unique flair to the movie.