Lessons to Learn from Plan C Movie

Plan C is a unique movie full of surprises that will keep you at the edge of your seat. But like any movie, there are some priceless lessons we could learn from it. Movies are great inspirations to keep us on track with our realities. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to save money on electronics and get rid of bad habits, Plan C is relatable in so many ways.


Face the Music

Ronald Plasmeyer is far from being perfect. In fact, he is not even rational with his thinking. He deals with problems like a child. He succumbs with his gambling addiction which created more problems for him. Ronald is an educated man. He is a detective, yet he failed to catch himself from doing the wrong things. What can we learn from him? Face the music no matter how difficult it is. Don’t think that you can go to Amsterdam bike rental and run away from all of it. Face the problems head-on.


Taking Short Cuts Some times Lead to a Disaster

He tried to solve the problem by robbing an underground poker company. He thought that it was the easy way out. He can pay Hao, go to an Amsterdam city trip with any lady he wants, and disappear with the money. But it created more problems than he could ever imagine. Someone ended up being killed, his life is in danger, and he created more enemies along the way. Though we root for his success in the heist, we all know that it is wrong. Sometimes taking a shortcut leads us to a more chaotic situation than the Amsterdam zoo. In times of trouble, it’s good to have a sound mind.

Stay Away From Trouble Maker Friends or Keep Them From Making Trouble

Ed is pretty much contented with his peaceful life until Ronald knocked on his door proposing an insane idea. Ed was too naive to say no. Ronald is his best friend and for that reason, he agreed with Ronald’s plan. When things went down the drain, he never left Ronald alone. He is indeed a good friend. But in real life, we don’t want to get into trouble because of our friend’s doing. If you can’t push them away, at least keep them from making trouble.